Political Empowerment Among Adivasis.

AHP’s support results in political empowerment among tribal communities in Satna. 13 out of 15 people who contested have been elected as Sarpanches, and 2 out of 3 who contested have become members of the Janapad.

AHP – Action on Hunger & Poverty Foundation in partnership with Tarang Jan Kalyan Samiti has encouraged both men and women from tribal communities of the Satna district to contest for both Janapad and Gram Panchayat elections, especially when these elections are considered as only the prerogative of the landed class.
15 members contested Gram Panchayat Elections and 3 members contested janapad election from 3 blocks.
Systematic steps were followed to make this election people-centred and more participative around ground level issues that people were facing:
Political awareness programmes were organised in all those villages and Panchayats and community mobilisation took place around this issue.
Various camps were held to choose the right candidates with the participation of the communities.
Rallies, street plays were enacted across all the villages to campaign for the candidates and to create awareness on voters rights. In a few panchayats, there were attempts to convert seat as General seats through bribes; and when this failed, liquor, meat and money were freely distributed. The constant and continuous efforts and awareness created by Tarang Jan Kal Samiti made all the difference. The main issues raised were corruption, issues related to Mid-day meals and PDS.
These ground level efforts proved more effective and brought the success of 13 candidates winning at the Panchayat level and two members winning at the block level. 10 of the candidates are from tribal communities.

Village Name of Winning Candidate
Amirati Kaushilaya Kol
Selaura Sarda Kol
Veerpur Shiv Prasad Pandya
Jamuani Gaya Prasad Vishwakaram
Gijhawa Inda Kol
Vijaypur Baggad Kol
Kelhaura Geeta Singh
Turra Usha Singh
Madulihai, Singhpur Chunnu Mawasi
Patana Khurd Nutan Singh
Lalpur Daddu Singh Gond
Deulaha Indrajeet Yadav
Jhakhaura Bhagwandin Yadav

Janapad member Election: Three candidates were chosen to contest the Janapad election and out of which two members won.
Winning Candidates:

  1. Maina Rawat- (Gujhana, Amirati, Veerpur, Shelaura)
  2. Rajlalan Gond- (Deulaha, Kelhaura, Hirondi & Bhargawan Panchayat)

Even though 13 Sarpanch members and 2 Janapad members were elected, the struggle was still not over. In Madhya Pradesh, the elections are still yet to be completed; starting from February and the Sarpanch consequently coming to power in March. The chairperson & deputy chairperson of the block will be decided in March. Efforts are being made to make Maina Rawat the chairperson.

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