Reviving Community Knowledge and Practices of Health & Nutrition
In India, traditional health practices have been largely followed for a very long time, catering to the health needs of the majority of rural population. There is a large number of traditional health practitioners who act as barefoot medicinal practitioners. Though they do not work on a full-time basis, these barefoot practitioners successfully make use of local diversity to cure many health issues such as malnutrition, anaemia, jaundice, gynaecological disorders, dysentery, and scabies. Their services make health services affordable and locally available. It is pity that, when traditional health remedies in India are fast catching tracks globally, the practices have become obsolete in its birthplace. The forest dwelling communities are well aware of indigenous medicine system and the medicinal values of local species which can be effectively used to create some of very common ailments.

Madhya Pradesh has the worst nutritional status ranking of children in the country. AHP’s initiatives with its local partners aims to revive knowledge and practice of these at a low cost, and introduce affordable and easily available herbs, food and practices, and boost up preventive health practices to address common problems related to nutrition, pregnancy complications and common forms of illness among the indigenous communities. To promote this knowledge, 3 community-based training sessions were organised during the 2 months with the local tribal women.
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