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AHP firmly believes that lack of access to health, education and livelihood opportunities are the major causative factors for widespread hunger and poverty. The way to support is to empower the communities, build local leadership by providing knowledge, skills and information so they can address their issues together with their collective power..

As a part of its strategy, AHP aims to invest in local leaders by equipping them with technical skills in program development, management, networking and providing them small grants/fellowships to build capacity. This will help them address issues relevant to them, create ownership of processes to ensure sustainability and cost effectiveness.

The knowledge and skills learnt thus remain within the community and can be passed on to other groups.

Despite the fact that there are considerable initiatives launched by NGOs across India, their sustainability and weak local ownership remain a matter of concern. For instance, those community based organisations formed by local people lack technical support, and the skills to translate their local initiatives into macro level policy decisions. Conversely, those working on policy interventions at the macro level are often disconnected from rural realities and make recommendations that are unviable and do not impact field issues effectively. AHP works towards bridging this gap through a two-pronged strategy:

1. To build cadres of informed local leaders equipped to lead the community to address key issues that impact them
2. Carry out appropriate programmatic interventions at the ground level through CBOs.

AHP looks at the basic strengths and weaknesses of community based organisations, assess existing interventions and builds on their work by building capacities, providing new perspectives and financial resources to achieve the desired results.

Key Areas of Work Interventions Common themes across functional areas

Building human capital at the community level
  • Offering fellowships for training & education
  • Building community capacities for better governance, government schemes and programmes,
  • Monitoring the above services
  • Facilitating community based structures such as youth & women’s groups
Capacity Building

Primary Education
  • Inculcating awareness among all communities
  • Community led monitoring of primary education
  • Motivating government school teachers

Mother & Child Health
  • Training communities in herbal medicine
  • Awareness about nutrition, safe water, hygiene and sanitation and mother and child health ( including safe pregnancy)
  • Community led monitoring of ICDS
  • Working together with government front line health workers
  • Identifying appropriate & locally relevant interventions to enhance nutritional status

  • Building & strengthening tribal / dalit cooperatives to enhance their bargaining power
  • Inculcating awareness of safe migration at Panchayat level
  • Identifying & promoting locally appropriate livelihood activities
  • Initiating Micro-credit plus programmes
  • Facilitating ownership of land for the most marginalized people and households

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